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Orthodontic Surgical Procedures

A periodontist assist an orthodontist in many ways. Surgical procedures are sometimes necessary to allow the orthodontist to achieve the best smile for his/her patients.  The periodontist at BDS are specially trained in these procedures and have been performing them successfully for 20 years. The most common of these procedures include:

  • Canine exposure surgery.

When a tooth fails to erupt naturally, the orthodontist needs a handle on the tooth to move it into the correct position.  Canine exposure surgery is performed to give the orthodontist this handle on the tooth.  The procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia and is painless. It usually takes about one hour and normally the patient will not need to return for follow up provided they see the orthodontist within a few weeks of the procedure.

  • Frenectomy.

When a piece of gum tissue gets caught between the teeth it can prevent the orthodontist from closing the space.  A frenectomy is a simple procedure carried out under local anaesthesia to remove this unnecessary obstruction.  It is a simple and painless procedure performed in about half an hour.  Normally the patient does not need to return for follow-up.

  • Pericision.

When teeth were rotated and then corrected by the orthodontist, a pericision is carried out to stop the teeth from returning to their original position once the braces are removed.  It is a quick and simple procedure carried out under local anaesthesia.  No stitches are necessary and no follow-up is required.

  • Orthdontic implants (micro implants)

Sometimes the orthodontist requires a rigid anchor point in the mouth to move teeth correctly.  A micro implant (TAD) can be placed to provide this facility.  This procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia and is totally painless. Patients are warned that these tiny screws can sometimes come loose but are easily replaced.  At the completion of orthodontics, these TAD’s are simple to remove.