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Maintenance Therapy

Once periodontal treatment has reached a stable and healthy outcome, the objective is to keep it that way.  To do this a team approach is used.  Excellent oral hygiene by the patient is the most important part.  The patient’s own dentist will also clean the teeth on a regular basis. Finally, the periodontist oversees the progress of this program and makes any necessary adjustments where required.  This is what is called Maintenance or Supportive Periodontal Therapy. At these appointments, the periodontist will usually evaluate the condition of the gums and compare with previous assessments (perhaps by taking measurements) and will also review oral hygiene techniques where necessary.  Finally, the periodontist will perform a dental prophylaxis to thoroughly clean the teeth and gums. Prophylaxis is an important dental treatment for stopping the progression of gingivitis and periodontal disease.

The benefits include:

Plaque removal.     Tartar (also referred to as calculus) and plaque buildup, both above and below the gum line, can result in serious periodontal problems. Unfortunately, even with a proper home brushing and flossing routine, it can be impossible to remove all debris, bacteria and deposits from gum pockets. The experienced eye of a dentist or hygienist using specialized dental equipment is necessary to catch potentially damaging buildups.

A healthier looking smile.     Stained and yellowed teeth can dramatically decrease the esthetics of a smile. Prophylaxis is an effective treatment in ridding the teeth of these unsightly stains.

Fresher breath.    Bad breath (or halitosis) is generally indicative of advancing periodontal disease. A combination of rotting food particles (possibly below the gum line) and potential gangrene stemming from gum infection, results in bad breath. The routine removal of plaque, calculus and bacteria at our facility can noticeably improve halitosis and reduce infection.