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Guided Tissue Regeneration

The treatment of periodontal disease generally involves to stopping of the disease process and preventing it from starting again in the future.  None of this, however, does anything to restore the mouth to its previous condition.  The aim of Guided Tissue Bone Regeneration is to “regenerate” the previously lost gum and bone tissue. Most techniques utilize membranes, which are inserted over the bone defects. Some of these membranes are bio-absorbable and some require removal. Other regenerative procedures involve the use of bioactive gels.

Unfortunately, the promise shown by these techniques in experimental situations does not seem to translate to significant clinical benefits to patients.  This is why GTR is very rarely recommended to patients at BDS. Our goal is always to provided tangible and cost effective treatment options for our patients.  When new techniques and materials become available, we assess their costs and benefits and will only recommend them to you if there is a genuine advantage to you.